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Professional, Private Swim Instruction

customized to each

swimmer's unique


Happier Safer Sooner
We're Hoping To
Make This The Year


you can RELAX

(some     )

at the pool!

Being a parent is a tough, 24/7 job. For the rest of our lives we'll want the best for our children, for their happiness, their health and their safety. I'm with you there! And right now, you want to assure they're safer, happier swimmers. Wouldn't it be great if it didn't take years to happen!?!

We can't watch our children constantly, regardless of our best intentions. It's important that they are confident and capable in the water. And the sooner, the better.

Thank you for coming to Swim Swim Academy for help! We know the importance, and appreciate the concern, and we know how to make it happen.





    "It has been SUCH A RELIEF to have (my son) swimming now. He was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side over and over ...ALL THANKS TO YOU!"  ~ Ali

How & Why


   Water safety through skills mastery is our primary goal. Our swimmers are first taught how to survive in the water using skills for self-rescue.

    Our program is a step-by-step process of short, repetitive lessons, focusing on skills which build upon one another to create an efficient and effective stroke.


    Our lessons are targeted and effective. We start with a discussion of your goals and an evaluation of your swimmer's skills, abilities and emotional comfort.


We then begin immediately with a custom,

one-to-one program specific to the

needs of your swimmer,

progressing at their best pace.


Because of our process, your child can learn more in one season than in several seasons with other programs.


   Swimming is not easy to learn, it's hard work. But we have fun!


It's very rewarding to see our swimmer's

excitement, pride and competence develop through our process.



They're especially excited when that ability earns them more freedom and fun at the pool. 

    "Sarah is an amazing instructor who helped our daughter gain a lot of confidence in the water. It was night and day just after a few classes. I highly recommend!!!  ~ Pearl

    "Sarah quickly learned how each of my children learns and tailored her lessons accordingly. 
    No cookie cutter lessons, completely individualized!"

   ~ Christy

How & Why



When comparing teacher-to-student time, our cost is comparable to, or less than area lessons.
Because our lessons are concentrated, the cost is as well. 
Your biggest investment will be your, and your child's, effort.

Contact us to arrange a pool and your best swim time.


Fill out your registration and make your payment online.


Easy Breezy!

See you soon : )

"This program allowed my son to go from extreme fear of the water to joining the swim team. I was amazed that at the very first lesson he made more progress than three plus years of lessons elsewhere."  ~ Lauren

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