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Our Process

We believe you will be pleased and surprised at how much, and how quickly, your child will learn! 



Our process is a step-by-step program of short, repetitive lessons which focus on the skills, which are foundational, and which build upon one another, to create an efficient and effective stroke.

Because we are all so different, and because we all come ready-made with such different skills and abilities, we all learn differently & at different paces. Age, maturity, comfort level, intent and experience are all factors in how a  student will progress. And everyone does progress!


Our lessons are often close to home so you don't have to spend your time driving across town. We teach at several area pools, or at your own pool.

If you host a group of 5 or more paid swimmers, your child's lesson is free!

Our lessons are targeted and effective. Our greatest strengths include:

15-30 minute lessons

We work/play continuously, learning new skills and practicing others. It's a workout! Can you swim 15-30 minutes without stopping?

Custom, private one-to-one lessons

to best & most quickly build on your swimmer's specific needs and abilities.

Consistent repetition

Our lessons are every day, M-TH.

Most people of any age learn best through practice and repetition, but especially children. Much is lost between lessons taken just once a week. Weekly lessons are better for older kids and adults.

Always, we work hard, practice lots & have fun!

Pleased to meet you!

Hello! I'm Sarah

Swimming has always been such a pleasure for me. It's a healthy, peaceful past time. I am a life long swimmer. Red Cross trained in Water Safety Instruction, CPR, and First Aid. I'm experienced teaching preschoolers to adults the skills necessary to appreciate and enjoy the water.

My associates are all certified in Red Cross First Aid, and in CPR for children, infants  and adults. We all have a passion for swimming and teaching. I believe our group is the best around!


 "Sarah runs an amazing swim program. I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting their child to learn the very basics and those whose children are ready to advance in the sport. I can't thank Sarah enough for the confidence my daughter has now gained in and around the water  ~ Randi
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