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My grand daughter had the best experience. She is 5 and learned a lot in just 8 lessons. Definitely recommend

Swim Swim Academy

- Lisa

You have been such an amazing instructor for (my son) and I love how much he has learned this summer. Thank you so much for everything!


"Sarah is amazingly kind

and patient and so easy to work

with. She made my kids feel safe and secure in the water, and they learned so much more from her than they have from other instructors in the past. Sarah is very knowledgeable about the strokes and my kids actually enjoy them now. Thanks, Sarah for an amazing season and fantastic lessons. The kids really loved working with you and so did I!

- Claudine

Ms. Sarah did an amazing job with my

two kids! My son needed to make final steps

to become an independent swimmer and my 3 year old was starting at the beginning. Both were swimming great within 2 weeks! They were very nervous at the start, and she was so calm and reassuring. I highly recommend using

Swim Swim Academy!

- Charity

"From the first time I observed Sarah working in the water with kids, I was fascinated. Her approach is so unique - soft spoken and calm. I refer to her as

"The Child Whisperer"

as she gets results from a range of personalities and temperaments. My grandson made great strides and is excited about lessons again this summer." - Judy

"Ms. Sarah is a great swim instructor. She is very patient and sticks with a consistent format for lessons. My kids were swimming by the end of the summer and are confident in all areas of the pool. We plan to continue lessons next summer to improve technique and continue learning. "

- Camille

"Sarah is an excellent swim instructor! I highly recommend her. Both of my kids made great progress and improved their swim technique."

- Morgan

    "Sarah is a true gem, patient, kind, and effective. Our 3 and 5 year olds are swimming and loving every minute of it!

 ~ Christol

   "Ms. Sarah was the perfect balance of firm and patient for my reluctant swimmer. 
    He left each session feeling more confident and loved showing off his skills with extra practice. 
    We look forward to next summer!" ~ Meredith

            "Sarah is amazingly calm

  and confident when working

with children of all ages and abilities.

In 3 weeks my three year old son went from being unable to put his face in the water to diving to the bottom of a 4 foot pool to get toys and swimming about 5 feet. I also appreciate how she immediately began working on safety  in the event that he fell in the    water. I have recommended her to all of my friends and will see her

again this summer."  

~ Allison

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